Radice 3 – Porsa Interior Library

Identify a new line of products for the inclusion of Porsa into new market niches. We also introduce a new type of panel illuminating, under development within the company.
The modules are anchored to a central part consisting of four extruded aluminum bar oriented towards four different directions, making the containers usable on all sides and to ensure the necessary stability. The central uprights depart from the ground and reach the ceiling. The composition, the number of accessories and uprights is completely free and offers us the possibility of being able to be organized according to the specific needs.
The elements are composed of multiple plates bent to mask the internal structural parts that stiffen and anchor the modules containers to the central extruded bar. This solution also allows to vary the coating further increasing the possible combinations.
To improve the performance of the composition we inserted the possibility to accessorize modules with LED panels, so to enhance the collections or jewelry on display with a neutral and diffused light. This particular device takes the concept of cabinet to new situations of use. In order to the brand Porsa mainly deals with modular components for commercial and industrial environments, but with the development of a more sophisticated line and the inclusion of valuable accessories, raises its standards making it plausible the placement in high profile offices and houses.
The simple work process, the respect for the company know-how and the low production costs, in addition to the speed of installation make it an easily identifiable object.
The simple elements and the different use of volumes laid the foundations for the testing of real expressive possibilities of a typically technical product.

porsa panel