Pietravera – Brand Evolution

Consolidating its position in the market through the introduction of new product lines without betraying the corporate values is a complex operation that integrates very different aspects: product and brand. It’s easy to see that the products appeal is just the last piece in a much more complex mosaic.
For the definition of the new collection “Enigma” (Pietravera) we have set the types of processing, the advantages of the product and the different types of product with precision. An extensive knowledge of the characteristics expressed by the market leaders has become necessary to minimize potential overlaps in a world as complex as that of the stone cladding.
The company Pietravera is recognizable thanks to a special stone size, an aspect which has guaranteed a good differentiation combined with excellent recognizability. In order to evolve the brand it was necessary to understand how to exploit these aspects without betraying them while providing some formally different projects. When we understood that the differentiating aspect could be used to amplify the suggestions wemoved on the most creative part: the concept. The new collection has emerged in the progressive emergence of signs apparently hidden in previous productions, ideally connecting all products, enhancing the brand and simultaneously suggesting new stylistic languages for further developments such as the inclusion of different material elements.
The last step, operated by Pietravera, has been to adapt the chosen concept to the production capacity of the company and making the true product.

pietravera panelPietravera – Brand Evolution