Pensilina by Sintesi

Concept of a bus stop shelter designed in collaboration with the company Sintesi. The structure made in laminated wood. It will have to meet very specific technical requirements and solve problems concerning this type of products in the best way. It will also have to meet the design requirements of the buyer company.

Both legs of the shelter are composed of three laminated wood beams (which create a triangular structure) fixed to the ground with metal pins (also used to stabilize everything).
The shed is inclined to resist any precipitation better. It rests directly on the beam positioned horizontally (further supported by two metal rods which increase its resistance). The wood panel is then covered with a thin metal plane (rheinzink) to decrease the deterioration.

To improve its stability. the shelter is fixed to the ground with two triangular shaped metal structures which will serve as additional support.
It will also be possible to equip the shelter with a seat, made of perforated metal, anchored directly to the metal supports.
The local materials and simple processes, reduce production costs, transport, assembly and maintenance without reducing the structure aesthetic appeal.
The simple and essential form that minimize waste and the accurate combinations of materials, give the structure a minimal and elegant appearance.

sintesi panel