Crutch – The Bench for All By Zinco Service

Crutch is an outside bench developed according to the criteria of “Design for All”, The work was done in cooperation with the company Zinc Service.
The structure is enterly composed of tubular 1 “easily available on the market and coupled to the seat and backrest (by extruded 30x10x1, 5). The combination of the elements has favored as far as possible the choice of minimizing the junctions by welding, favoring a more sustainable and flexible composition. The use of tubular elements derived from the observation of elements for disabled people, the will to make it easily understandable to those who use the areas in which you can seek support. The blocks created are: lateral supports which act as legs and handles to make movement easier, the tops (seat, back) composed in the same way with planes in aluminum sheet to have better thermal comfort. All the open extruded will be closed with polyethylene headcover.
For the joining of the portions it was taken as reference the scaffolding and the pylons composed of solid, durable and extremely rapid, innocent tubes, this solution allows in the first place to reduce the space during the storage and facilitating the assembly of the parts.
The coupling was designed geometrizing the tree branches to create a breaking element with the stiffness of the profiles, stylistically interesting but above all technically valid considered its role of primary importance.

zincoservice panel