Bft – Automotic 2030

The Visual Designer’s task is to guess and cross experimental technologies with anthropological phenomena anticipating the unexpressed needs in a certain sector and outlining the features that certain products will take on in the future. A good example of visioning and concept design is the research work carried out in cooperation with Bft, a leader in the automation market, for which we assumed, through an analysis of social and economic trends, the direction of home automations over a period of twenty years.

From the research we conducted, it became clear that automation will play a closer and closer role to the final user and helping him in the various daily operations, incorporating roles unknown. Before this increase of the processes we need a simplified management: the Automotic. This term, coined by us, comes from the fusion of automation and domotic in a single element and is used to indicate a systemic interaction between hardware and software.

With this premises we have developed a concept capable of expressing reliability and intuitiveness systematically applying the guidelines to all products in this family: soft surface, radius reuced edge, obvious ribs dynamic surfacing elements (nervature) and desaturated colors for a new way of automation.